I am an Experience Designer
based in Portland, Ore.


/eb kəˈlektiv/

adjective: collective

  1. a collection of ideas, desires, fears, beliefs manifesting into the physical world through a stream of creative consciousness.

    "a vehicle of creative conception and distribution”

    • an assembly of items such as works of art, pieces of writing, or natural objects, especially one systematically ordered.

    • a range of various tangible narratives, photos, animations and a fluidity between the physical and digital worlds.

    • specializing in branding, illustration, typography, packaging, environment, consult, and creative direction


Fresh Tracks
& Sweet Dreams

A dose of client and concept 12” LP packaging



  1. Pedalpalooza / Mechanism

  2. Team Friendship / Relation

  3. Cheetos x Seagull / Low Brow High Fashion

  4. Tech Overlords / Gadgetry

  5. Babes, Booze, Bare Knuckle Ball / 罪悪感の喜び

  6. 4TWSTR / Innovation